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Scot Gerardi, a knowledgeable and friendly "people" IT person.

Scot Gerardi has over 20 years of corporate I.T. experience with companies including AT&T Bell Laboratories and Merck. He has continued to keep abreast of current IT trends and practices to ensure that his clients receive state-of-the-art technology support. Scot's passion for technology gives clients timely expertise and support for their computer questions, issues and problems. This is as much enjoyment as it is a matter of professional pride.

Scot has a BS in Computer Science, is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), has a Comptia Network+ certification, is a Dell Certified Technician, and has completed Microsoft Certified Engineer Training (MCSE). In his spare time, Scot enjoys spending time with his family and friends, photography, cooking and traveling. His associates and clients regard Scot as "Customer Focused" and a great customer service attitude.

A value-added promise

I enjoy solving my customers' technology problems and I don't take raising my rates lightly. As a small businessperson and a homeowner, I know how stressful repair services can be and the anticipated cost of technology "fixes" tends to kick that anxiety level up a notch. When choosing a technician, however, you need to look beyond price to the value added services he or she provides.

Experience: Having been a technician for more than 20 years, I understand not just today's technology but legacy systems and products. So if your Windows XP system isn't communicating with your HP OfficeJet Pro, I have the expertise to fix it or tell you why it can't be fixed and recommend a cost-effective alternative.

Reliability: I will call you back with 24 hours; I will show up on time; and I will follow up to make sure you are satisfied.

Honesty: As a technician, I can do many things, but magic isn't one of them. Frequently a repair will require more time and money than anticipated. You can be assured in the end that the value will match the cost.

Accuracy: Diagnosing your own technical issues can backfire. So, no offense, but I won't just take your word for it. Many glitches mimic the symptoms of completely different problems. For example, a computer that frequently shuts down at random may seem to have a virus but may turn out to have a power supply problem. I will not waste your time or money with trial-and-error solutions. I will use all of the resources at my disposal to give you a comprehensive end result.

Quality: My customers come back, but not with the same issues. Why? Because I fix their problems the first time. The customers who don't come back...because I fixed their problem the first time... recommend me highly to their friends and colleagues. I can't always provide you with a quick and inexpensive fix, but you can be assured of getting expert service at a fair price.